Ronak Pansara

“Good things do happen to us on Tuesdays. Had I not attended this seminar, I would have, probably, never accepted this ominous belief that we Indians are brought up believing.”

Like any other monotonous evenings would have it, this one too had nothing exceptional to be looked forward to, until I drove there on persistence of my mother. After all, she was right to say that it was linked to my dream of studying in the US. Yes, it was a visa orientation hosted by IMFS – A K. P. Singh foundation, for those unrelenting aspirants who wanted to get out of India and explore their careers in international waters.

Mr K. P. Singh taking the stage

As rightly pointed out by Mr K. P. Singh, the keynote speaker of the evening, we Indians are egocentric in our approach to different events in our lives. We would frequently be late for a class at the college, to birthday parties, or to any other less valued events. Whereas, we would show up so early at the visa office that we would be curtly questioned, “tussi kai karta?” and be asked to wait for a few hours.

Bam! That was such a truthful insight on Indian Standard Time. Saying that, flagged off the list of some undervalued dos and don’ts at a visa centre. The ones that followed made us budge towards the edge of our seats, making us feel more and more vulnerable.

“Don’t get drunk on the flight, thinking I should make complete use of the travel fee I’ve paid for.” Came another jibe at our behaviour, in presence of our parents, who claimed to themselves proudly that their children don’t drink.

Orienting about the visa process

“The evening was like arson with shells made up of words, passing right through the centre of our mollycoddled brains.”

Yet, Mr K. P. Singh made the hits such smooth that we inculcated the much-needed values. Such was the power in his oratory. I am sure you readers must be recalling a few more points from the IMFS brochure that had touched you.

Coming back to my subject of worry, apart from the visa mandates, it was the feeling of uncertainty of how I would settle in a University away from my home, my belongings, and the love of my parents. To reason in a pragmatic manner, I thought to myself, video calling could solve the nostalgia issue, but what about my belongings, which made the most of me?

My acoustic guitar, my wireless speakers, my motivating superhero artefact, and a dozen of other things that made up my existence, would I be able to carry them along with me, was my major concern. The trouble of packing my University essentials was undoubtedly outsourced to my mom, but doing that I had made a pinching decision to let go of my belongings, considering the limitations of flight luggage.

“But, to my surprise, the event had something in store for me, and availing that I would not have to compromise on any of my beloved belongings.”

It was the Mizzigo Wonder Bag that came to my rescue.

Jinay Savla presenting the Mizzigo Wonder Bag

Like some of you who attended the seminar would know, this young enterprising team of Mizzigo led by siblings Jinay and Aayushi Savla and a partner friend Jainil Mehta, made the kill at the show with their innovative product, rightly called a Wonder Bag.

Getting to know their offering I immediately went high on serotonin. Yes, it’s one of the feel good hormones. Sitting by my side, my mom poked me with assurance that she could now get relieved of the burden of my packing – and I could of her ‘khit-khit’.

When all my University essentials would be fabulously and adeptly packed in the Mizzigo Wonder Bag and delivered right at my university accommodation, a day before I would reach there, what else would I need from life?

Listening to this, I immediately planned the whole month before I would fly, to spend with my family and friends, in my mind. I was elated that I could take a final bountiful of memories along with me, as there would not be any packing stress lingering on in my mind.

“All in all, it was an amazing evening filled with knowledge, inspiration, humour and joy. Glad, that I made to it for my own benefit.”

I heartily thank IMFS for organising this seminar, and for sharing with us such invaluable viewpoints. Lastly, for those who are travelling to the US for studies, I would recommend them to take a look at the offering of the Mizzigo Wonder Bag. I bet it would solve all your packing and travelling issues.

Visit them at or

Ronak Pansara is an aspirant of Pace University (NY campus) for a degree of Masters in Information Systems. He recently graduated in B. E. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

Ronak was one of the participants at the IMFS Visa Seminar 2017. We thank him for sharing his experience and wish him luck for all his educational goals.

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