Are you one among those students who always dream to study abroad? Are you planning your independent living solutions overseas?

As day-by-day university fees is continuing to rise in almost every part of the world it may become very difficult for you to complete your university abroad with just four or five digits of dollars. But, you’ll be surprised and thrilled to hear that you can complete your education abroad without paying a single penny for colleges or universities.

Here, we present the top 7 countries where you can study for free.

1. Germany

Many want to study in Germany because of lifting off of undergraduate tuition fees at public universities, regardless of one’s nationality. Munich and Berlin are the two destinations that are ranked as ‘QS Best Student Cities 2016’. Just a little nominal monthly fee is charged to manage their administrational costs. Almost 40 universities are listed among the world’s top leaders in the QS World University Rankings, as conducted by Technische Universität München.

All you’ll need to pay for is your living costs, and you must show around €8,700 (~US$9,230) per year as your living expenses to get the German Visa.


Another popular destination for studying abroad is France, as they provide education with no fees or at a very low cost. Their tradition and bustling student cities make France a real surprise. The only thing you need to pay for other than your independent living solutions, is a registration fee, which ranges from €200 (£150) to €400 (£300) a year, regardless of a student’s nationality. So, they’re also great budget options.

Living costs in France are also affordable unless you stay at cities like Paris, where normally it amounts to around €9,600 (~US$10,180) per year.

3. Finland

Finland provides the cheapest options, as they do not charge any tuition fee, from students of any nationality, for any level of education. However, from 2017, students who are non-EU/EEA will have to pay a tuition fee for courses which are taught in English. Finland is consistently maintaining its place as one of the top educational systems internationally.

4. Sweden

Sweden is offering free education for only EU/EEA students from 2010. But at the same time, a large number of scholarships are being provided by Swedish universities for international students. Uppsala University, which is quite prominent in international rankings in Sweden, ranked as the best university in Northern Europe.

 5.  Norway

In Norway, the education programs like graduate, post-graduate and doctorate level programs are absolutely free. However, the UG programs are taught in Norwegian, and you need to be proficient in this language, as they will ask proof for this.

6. Greece

All EU/EEA students can study in Greece, the land of gods, for free, in public universities and colleges, but with an exception for master programs. For international students, the education is offered at a low cost: approximately €1,500 (~US$1,600) per year, along with a minimal cost of living.

7. Austria

Another beautiful country Austria, which has Vienna, as it’s capital city and also ranking as the QS Best Student Cities 2016, offers free education. Nearly a quarter of Austria’s population is filled with international students. Similar to Greece, students from the European Union, the European Economic Area get same rights, as Austrians regard higher education up to two semesters. However, they need to pay a minimal tuition fee of €363 per semester. Students outside EU/EEA need to pay a higher fee of around €726.

Almost in all these countries you have to take care of your independent living solutions. Hope this article guides you to get the best education abroad.

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